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Donating to Obama -- Against Our Will

mary964 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 4:14 PM
Now he is going to tap OUR taxpayer funded oil reserves, he's giving money to the states to help keep people employed, he's giving welfare waivers, providing amnesty to illegals., free birth control to law school students,etc. etc.etc.
wpeeters Wrote: Aug 18, 2012 5:55 AM
One word: immoral. Spend Spend Spend, money that's not his to spend. It's like pumping air in a corpse, it won't jump up and go back to work! It's dead, bury it and move on. What's with him and bail outs? Create jobs you moron and this won't be necessary. Some track record to show on your résumé. But I doubt you'll ever get to fill out a job application, we know your face by now. A lying conniving facade with a big smug-which will disappear in November, mind you. Can I predict landslide?
The Washington Times reports that the Department of Labor will be giving out $100 million in "grant funding" to states to prevent layoffs by businesses (which, obviously, would damage the President politically). 

Under the plan, the federal grants will go to states, which will then hand it out to businesses that agree to pay employees as part-time workers, rather than laying them off.  Our tax dollars will be used to supplement the part-time pay so that they receive their full-time salaries.

Obviously, this gambit is a thinly-disguised scheme to use taxpayer money for the President's...