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Cool Is All That Remains

mary964 Wrote: Aug 21, 2012 10:09 AM
M.K., you are so right. I'd rather have an excellent surgeon with poor bedside manner, than a bad surgeon with excellent bedside manner. BHO has neither and how the heck so many Americans think he is "likeable" is beyond me .Do they not remember his arrogance, his lies, his aplogy to other nations for our behavior and aattitude, his bowing to other leaders, etc. etc. etc. ?!
Have you noticed how often the president's supporters talk about the "likeability" factor in politics these days? No longer do we hear that presidential candidates must convey "the vision thing" or "gravitas" or credibility as commander in chief. Not that those criteria were precisely calibrated. Four years ago, many commentators were assuring us that Joe Biden brought gravitas to the Obama ticket, which is a little like saying that helium provides ballast, but at least they thought a certain policy weight was important -- even if their perception was ludicrous. This year, however, we are told that voters cast their ballots...