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Why Is Obama Offering All Women Free Sterilization?

mary601 Wrote: Jul 11, 2012 7:51 AM
obama knows that the explosion of the welfare state under his watch needs to be reigned in a little. Why he thinks that people who are too lazy to take a pill everyday are going to submit themselves to sterilization is beyond me. Meanwhile in chicago, the pinnacle of the blue model, those who haven't been aborted are killing each other in the streets in record numbers.
No previous president ever promoted a giveaway more peculiar than Barack Obama's mandate that all health care plans must offer free sterilizations to all women -- but not all men -- capable of breeding.

This mandate is Obama's defining act as president -- just as his adamant opposition to a bill that would have defined a born baby as a "person" was his defining act as an Illinois state senator.

Obama's Department of Health and Human Services proposed the mandate last August and finalized it in January. It takes effect Aug. 1.

The mandate says health care plans must provide without...