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The Lord of the Flies Administration

Mary559 Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 6:03 PM
A friend sent me a note about a conservative that saw a car with an Obama/Biden sticker on it and left the driver a note " evidently some vandal put that sticker on your car, but I would remove it as quickly as possible, since you don't want people thinking you're an idiot"! By the way, we have noticed that there are fewer yard signs/car stickers for Obama than for Romney. Evidently they are ashamed for their neighbors to know just how little knowledge they have about current events.

Two recent ads illustrate the great cultural divide in this nation and which parties and presidential candidates represent these competing worldviews.

In the handling of the economy and national security, President Obama has shown he's not capable of being the adult in the room. After four years of perpetual campaigning and cheerleading for his pet projects, he still isn't prepared to deal soberly with the consequences of his ideological indulgences.

His community organizing fantasy has been to remake America in his more socialistic image, and in the process, he's taken the nation dangerously close to financial ruin. Yet like...