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No Need to Pretend; Now it's all about Taxes, Spending, and Power

Mary559 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 10:38 AM
FIRST we MUST investigate the ELECTION FRAUD!! How can we possibly let this man in the white house, illegitametly, make decisions about how we can possibly exist financially when there are huge doubts as to IF he won. I hear people on FOX even say he won the election. Where has their heads been when all these elections questions have been coming up? If you thin 3 million registered voters staying away from the poles is bad, wait until there is another election. WHY VOTE? Evidently our supreme court won't enter this fray like they did here in FL for GW Bush and the hanging chads, for months. Now they just say- we have bigger problems. This is true, and the BIGGER PROBLEMS all stem from Obama and the Libs.
slk Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 12:35 PM
It just is impossible to actually admit over half this country are looters and moochers and that a percentage of voters decided to not vote and let the whole mess crash into a wall. Obama won because lazy, stupid people are becoming the norm. A woman on the news (local) was wailing that they can't "stop social security". She was over 65 and so stupid she did not understand that NO ONE was saying her social security will be ended. No one exempt propaganda promoters and not a lot of them. This is how uninformed and stupid people are. Guess people decided to pull the band-aid off quickly and let wound fester and get it over with. At this point, that is not an irrational thought.

During the campaign for re-election, Barack Obama at least made vague references to a willingness to accept $3 trillion of reduced spending in exchange for a $1 trillion dollar tax increase.  The vast majority of his feigned belt-tightening was smoke-and-mirrors beltway accounting gimicks, but at least back then he was willing to pretend.

With the election behind him, the pretence is gone.   Now it is all about higher taxes, more spending, and raw executive power.  That's change you can believe in.

Re-election in hand, Obama is pitching what economist Larry Kudlow calls "a gargantuan $1.6 trillion tax...