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There are some of us, Seniors, that do not want to use more medical care than is extremely important. My doctor is advised by my Medicare Advantage program that I need certain tests, etc. annually. These I am forced to do, but some of them I refuse. I take one prescription for pain & wish God would help me to get rid of that one. After many years working in hospitals and nursing homes, I know the consequences of medications and doctors over compensating for real care of their patients. Of course, the main problem is ATTORNEYS and their mal practise suites. If we could curtail that there wouldn't be as many tests, etc.
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Buffettitis -- Is There a Cure?

Mary559 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 3:18 PM
Buffet is counting on the LOOP HOLES and that is exactly why they should be ammended. Except for homestead and charitable giving, there aren't many loop holes that most of us are able to take advantage of anyway. The HANDS OUT people file the short form and have nothing to worry about, but we working people need to keep the tax rates low and a few loop holes.
Even the Russians can see who voted Obama back into office. Illiterates and the die hard Dems that would vote Dem if they knew it would kill them and it will. I certainly don't want to hear them crying on my shoulder. I TOLD YOU SO will be all I could say and will say.
The diversions that Obama and his kind have created are multiple. It is amazing that a general with long standing military training would fall into their trap of "sexual misconduct". What a way to go! Meanwhile Obama puts in a few hours playing president with Sandy victims and then flies away to a no excuse for a country, Burma. I still say "put him & Michelle & congress on a budget". Necessities only! Then see how they like living OUR WAY!
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Marco Rubio: A Hispanic Reagan?

Mary559 Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 10:44 AM
Rubio for president- NO! Yes, he has learned Reagans talking points but he is still for the divided country of "lets just let the illegals and their families that are here now stay & enjoy priviledges that even our citizens do not enjoy". IF illegals stay it would have to be with strict background checks and they go to the back of the legal immigration line. Years ago a German real estate broker here in FL told me his friend in Germany, a noted industralist, had been trying for decades to get into our country and been delayed. Imagine that happening to any hispanic in this country. Rubio will never stop PROTECTING THE ILLEGANS and we will never halt our problems until this is settled.
As a 40 + year real estate broker in FL, I say "you are so incorrect in saying the housing circumstances are improving, it is unimaginable." I've worked mainly commercial real estate with fill in's of residential and I can tell you that both sectors are in dire straits. Every week we see another commercial failure and people abandoning their homes or renting them out to whoever will pay. Obama is grinning because he sees first hand what his policies have done to our republic. A democracy we are not supposed to be- every man for himself.A Republic means we work together for the benefit of all.
Shawn leaves no stone unturned. Now to impeach the LIAR in the White House. The age old question that I have is about the Clintons. Maybe you should research the TEN REPUBLICANS that voted not to impeach Clinton. Now he is the Libs favored son, while Petraus is being crucified for infidelity (just a farce to hide what they did to steal the election.) If those famous TEN hadn't done that dastardly deed we wouldn't be fighting the Clintons on every hand now.Keep up the good work Shawn, but as others have said, "where were you earlier?"
Picking a GOP candidate for 2016 seems to far in the devestating future to even speculate. Every day we hear something bad about the people this article suggests as possible candidates. Maybe, if we survive, a dark horse will come into the race with enough guts to take on this massive infiltration of socialist, communist and welfare recipients.
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Obama's Hostile and Evasive Presser

Mary559 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 10:13 AM
Budget item #1 should be to have the Obamas stay in DC and do their jobs. If it were put on paper how much he has spent as senator and president in running around the country and world, we would be amazed. Even white toast Carter turned down the thermostats and wore a sweater in the white house. This man wants all of us to suffer while he lives like the dictator, that he is .Every day we see he will not work with duly elected officials that do not agree with him or journalist that dare ask him important questions.
We have friends that adopted a baby boy because they could not have children and he is very handicapped. That hasn't discouraged them, they are trying to adopt another one. Sure it's a gamble but so is having your own child. We know parents that had their own handicapped children. They can be loved and cared for just as any "normal" child. God bless them for trying to protect God's children.
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