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Obama's health law finally gets real for America

Mary509 Wrote: Nov 03, 2013 9:48 AM
But if they don't make them pay more for a benefit they don't need, then how is the government going to fund all the people who aren't paying for the benefits they receive? Ready for anarchy yet?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Now is when Americans start figuring out that President Barack Obama's health care law goes beyond political talk, and really does affect them and people they know.

With a cranky federal website complicating access to new coverage and some consumers being notified their existing plans are going away, the potential for winners and losers is creating anxiety and confusion.

"I've had questions like, 'Are they going to put me in jail if I don't buy insurance? Because nobody will sell it to me,'" said Bonnie Burns, a longtime community-level insurance counselor from California. "We have family members who are violently...