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"A different prong of Obama's coverage expansion seems to be doing fairly well. It's an expanded version of Medicaid, embraced so far by 25 states and the District of Columbia." Well of course it is - these are all of the freeloaders lining up to continue to rape my paycheck. Bottom line is - I will NEVER trust a government that can't manage a car rebate program, the post office, the social security program, or hire a website contractor - and that is the short list. Obamacare is just another thing they are using to destroy our country from the inside out. I will not sign up and I will not pay the penalty - time to go find the tea and dump it in the harbor..
The government NEVER pays for anything - they do not produce anything for which they could make a profit! The only money the government has to spend is money that they stole from the hardworking US citizens in the form of "taxes". If you don't intimately know that you are either STUPID (read democrat) or DELUSIONAL (read democrat).
I continued to be baffled as to why anyone would argue over changing Social Security so that only the people who paid in would be eligible to receive. That's what it was designed to do - not to support people that are supposedly disabled and not to support illegal aliens. The way the system is set up now it allows the government to steal money from my check and from my employer and then they give MY money away to someone who is not entitled to it - that is not what social security was intended to do nor is it what it should do.
That's because the majority of Danes are on permanent vacation on the government dole.
I've always maintained that welfare reform needs to begin with making welfare less attractive than working. That DOES NOT mean raise minimum wage - it means lower welfare benefits.
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