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um...so now we are going to support this illegal alien who murdered one of our border patrol agents by allowing him to stay in one of our prisons for 40 years?
Funny how what the democrats are concerned about is not the loss of their constituents insurance coverage, but instead, the loss of their seat in the Senate.
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Stupid Stuff My President Says

Mary509 Wrote: Nov 23, 2013 9:32 AM
OMG! Quit spamming this site, you need to go get a life - and probably a job.
You are correct - Democrats create nothing - they only steal from the workers and producers - under the guise of giving to the poor, but in reality they only steal to line their pockets with it. Oh and btw, we didn't shut down the government, the refusal to come up with a budget which cut spending money we don't have is what shut down the government.
They don't have any money - they are waiting for us old white folk to pay for it.
Like every other federal plan, No Child Left Behind is a failure. They forget to tell you what their real plan was, if no child gets ahead, then of course no child wll be left behind. The Commie Core is just the next step in dumbing down our society so that we will be mindless led down whatever dark path they have planned. The facts are that some children are brighter than other, some adults are brighter than others, politicians - well they just are not that bright.
As a math teacher, I for one, will continue to correct my students errors in thinking AND their answers. This is disgusting liberal B.S. The sooner we get the democrats out of our schools systems and get back to the business of teaching our children how to read, write, and do math CORRECTLY the better off our entire country will be.
Employees WILL loose their coverage - Walt Disney (land, world, movies, TV, the whole corporation) has announced that while their employees that currently have insurance can keep it - any employee hired after 1/1/2015 will have to go to Obamacare to get coverage!
But if they don't make them pay more for a benefit they don't need, then how is the government going to fund all the people who aren't paying for the benefits they receive? Ready for anarchy yet?
"A different prong of Obama's coverage expansion seems to be doing fairly well. It's an expanded version of Medicaid, embraced so far by 25 states and the District of Columbia." Well of course it is - these are all of the freeloaders lining up to continue to rape my paycheck. Bottom line is - I will NEVER trust a government that can't manage a car rebate program, the post office, the social security program, or hire a website contractor - and that is the short list. Obamacare is just another thing they are using to destroy our country from the inside out. I will not sign up and I will not pay the penalty - time to go find the tea and dump it in the harbor..
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