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Hey California: Meet Wisconsin

Mary453 Wrote: Jun 10, 2012 5:07 PM
Californians continue to want a better and healthy state but keep electing the same people or same type of people or the same party expecting something different and better. They obviously have defective thought patterns going on inside them. They're so completely absorbed into their death spiral consciousness that they can't see where they're making the mistake. Unbelievable! They're destroying themselves. This is what Obama and his entire administration want for the rest of us - NO WAY! The only goal of the democratic/communistic party is to bring California down to being totally dependent upon government - then the elected government officials will be happy and content.

It was one giant step for a man, and one giant leap toward fiscal sanity.

But the failed labor union recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was only a beginning. America needs a bunch more Scott Walkers, a whole lot more thoughtful, discerning voters – and we need California voters, in particular, to wake-up.

So California, meet Wisconsin. It’s the state where voters chose a Governor who, despite claims to the contrary, is neither “destroying workers’ rights” nor “killing democracy.” Governor Walker has brought government labor costs in-line with private sector labor costs, and in so doing is...