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I agree with her 100% and I'm not the only one who felt there would be a high possibility that the dems would steal this election. They are totally one point and determined to totally convert the US to communism. I'm all for seceding and will move to whatever state that gets serious about this. We don't need their permission to retain our freedom and make another successful republic. THE AMERICAN WAY DOES WORK LIER COMMUNIST OBAMA! You'll never convince the true freedom fighters otherwise. There is a revolution coming soon to the US. God is with the faithful and with God, nothing is impossible!
Bill Clinton is an extremely humorous man and that statement says it all about him - again! He's the liar of the century - even now!
This Bonnie Halloran is one of the dense people of the unions. Major pay increases are not what Michigan or any other state needs at this time. The US is in a major, major financial crisis with Michigan at the top of the list. These people are insane and totally unrealistic and unreasonable about this situation. Get a grip on reality! They need some humility and gratitude for having a job. They act like spoiled little children. Grow up already!
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Romney Will Win

Mary453 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 3:30 PM
I to believe that Romney is already winning - too many people who supported him last time have turned on him and the Democratic Party itself. They have shown their true agenda and who they are and people are taking notice. The blinders are removed! As far as the polls go, I don't believe them that say they are even or it's a tight race or that Romney is behind, at least not in most states. There are still some states that are liberal and I highly doubt that will change in this election. I guess they have to be totally destroyed before they wake up. I think the polls are fixed in order to make Obama/Dems look good enough so that they can steal the election. This way it won't be outrageous if they win. Harry Reid must go!
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Yes, It Was an Apology Tour

Mary453 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 1:41 PM
This is all Obama has done since the beginning of his reign is apologize for America and I'm so weary of this hateful and dispicable vibration that has covered the United States. Two more weeks of this and then the vibe of the US will change for the better.
I believe in reincarnation and if Barack and Michelle Obama are ever given the God-given opportunity to reimbody, they might be required to go through abortions over and over so that they know the pain and horror of this heineous crime being imposed upon these blessed BABIES! We get what we give (and support). This fact is so obvious all we have to do is look at what's happening to everyone today. All you pro-abortion (pro-death) men and women might want to ponder upon this message.
This fairness and equality communistic issue is totally retardation of the mind and feelings. Where's the fairness for the person who wants to develop themselves and make their life better vs the lazy, selfish person who wants to be taken care of?In the end, this logic doesn't work - ever! It leads to total destruction of the soul, spirit and individualism and noone will try - look at Detroit, MI. It's a twisted, slave consciousness.
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Jenny McCarthy and the Fall of Books

Mary453 Wrote: Oct 12, 2012 8:47 AM
The government won't be able to prevent abortion; there will always be doctors and will be women who will want to get rid of their baby. What will prevent it is education of what abortion is, what it does to the woman and how the baby seriously suffers while being aborted, and that perhaps America's destructive troubles will dissappear when they return to their God and stop murdering defenseless, innocent babies that God wants to bring to earth for their purpose. These babies have a purpose and women who agree with abortion (used as a contraceptive) are also murdering their loving mother flame because at some level of their being, they know what they've done and do hate themselves for it.The baby suffers, the woman suffers, society suffers
If Obama is re-elected, this is the immediate future of the United States. After all money is re-distributed and runs out, just where will they get it then? Everyone will be "equal" and there won't be anyplace on earth to get more of it. Why of why can't people see beyond something that sounds like heaven and see that it leads to hell and destruction? If this becomes the norm for the world, we will see no one will have the desire to be better and therefore, all societies will be dead. Just look at Detroit, Michigan as an example of this way of life. Wake Up Liberals and Free Loaders!
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The Fallacy of Redistribution

Mary453 Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 2:40 PM
That's exactly what Obama plans on doing but what will he & other communist Congress members do when the money runs out? What will the American people do when it runs out? The desire to be better & succeed will disappear & everyone will stop trying for greater because it will be taken & given around (this is human nature). Only then will they realize that communism isn't altuistic and just doesn't work-ever! I wish these people who think they're getting something for free would get out of their totally selfish mode of behavior & see reality.Also, do we see anyone in Congress or Obama suffering even now? The very people running the country will be living in luxury while we live in poverty and this is their end goal. Believe It!
Are you anti-GOP people blind? You really don't see that the Dems do exactly what you're accusing the GOP of? The first thing Obama did when he got in office was pay off his buddies that got him elected and whatever else they did for him. I saw Obama turn around and thank Pelosi for whatever she did for him. Who are the vile ones now? The Dems are so very vile, hateful spewing their filth into the air upon everything and everybody. It's obvious who they are devoted to - Satan! They support and put into our laws the behaviors that are sinking this nation into the death and hell consciousness. Good Lord, wake up!
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