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The Abortive Renee Ellmers

Mary453 Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 10:15 PM
It's time we no longer accept betrayal - recall Elmers and Walorski immediately! There's absolutely no reason to reject this bill. Have they turned liberal or were they Democratic plants or ???? Big question: What's their problem and let's get rid of them before they do any more damage. This is completely unacceptable! RECALL is in order for not fulfilling their campaign promises and beliefs. Enough is enough!
All the Dems want to do is spend, spend, spend and spend infinitely even way past the time when the fund is all dried up. They can't get enough of spending other peoples' money. They're totally illogical, irresponsible with our money. Everyone, it's time to stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated into accepting their serpentine logic, stand up and take a stand for higher morals, values and take back our personhood. This government isn't our master, our parents or our overseer. Become responsible for yourself and strive to become highly spiritual, prosperous and happy. I haven't seen true happiness in the Americans in a very long, long time. And, for our next President, Hillary is definitely not our answer! She's only more of the same and possibly worse.
I've recently been reading that Quinn is behind in the mid-terms. Brilliant! I sincerely hope that the people have become so very done with the socialist-communist party rule that they oust him and the Dems policies out of office and the state. People are waking up to the truth. All glory to God and the Angels!
Do they think we truly believe that any Democrat running for office actually wants to distance themselves from Obama? This is more of the same ploy of lying to people on where they stand on issues and who they support. They do support Obama and everything the he and their party represents. People, stop allowing yourselves into being manipulated during campaign time. Look at their past record on what did they support and vote for and yes they do support Obama and everything he's about. This is ridiculous! Electing any Democrat with the thought that they really don't support Obama and his policies and that they will do what's right for them is living in a fantasy world. Every government official in the Democrat-socialist party will support and vote for anything Obama wants. That's a fact! Take off the rose colored glasses! Socialistic and communistic policies DO NOT WORK EVER! The outcome is always the same. Look at Detroit - completely run by Democrats for the last fifty plus years. And, it's a shame that these people can't see what their problem has been because, according to polls, they're voting for the same type of people in the same party with the same policies that destroyed their city in the first place by supporting Gary Peters. Gov. Snyder, is successfully helping companies create jobs, bring in new business, balanced the budget and created a surplus for the state. Terry Lynn land will only multiply the positiveness of Snyder's thrust of rebirth of Michigan. The Democrat Party is now communistic and wants total control over us but their control isn't benefitting us in the least but destroying us into being their drone slaves. Please God, take the blinders off these people who believe that government is the answer to all our problems. The current government is creating all of our problems!
We need to enlighten anyone who might believe this idiocy. These politicians are retarded and full of dead men's bones. More attempts of manipulating their base and anyone who's ignorant enough to believe what comes out of their mouths. Please dear Lord, don't let the ignorant ones choose our government officials. Enlighten them and raise them up out of their ignorance. Question to the ignorant: Just exactly who does create jobs? These evil ones are just attempting to twist your intelligence into being mentally challenged. Wake up and grow up already! This is such a stupid statement, how can people continue voting these idiots into office to represent them>
This is so typical and it's unfortunate that so many people believe that it's OK to lie to the people in order to get elected. Where are there high values and standards for living? They've proven they have none! How is it OK to lie about what you will support - people think they're voting for one person when in reality, it's nothing more than a scam. People get upset when they're scammed by a shark and they should be doing the same about who they elect (which is crucial to their lives). But, look which side she's supporting - Obama the communist and pathological lier. We must not be influenced by political ads because they mean absolutely nothing and don't reflect the person. Look at the their previous record on who and what they support. If they are new to the political scene, still look at which party they chose to represent. The Democratic-communist Party doesn't support freedom, liberty, real progress for the people, personal success. They might say they don't support everything Obama says and does but in reality if they are elected, they will most definitely support him and his agenda. Look at Congress - Democrats will always support the party's agenda even if they don't agree with it. In Michigan, Sen. Carl Levein and a few other Dems opposed a bill, but the very next week, they were supporting it. I think they were talked to and even threatened in order to change their minds. She supports Obama and her statement about not agreeing with him is another lie. In fact, her entire speech was probably a lie. She's not for the people at all but the liberal communist agenda. People don't be fooled again, and again and again... This is going on everywhere and we must stop it now.
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