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Where Have All the Jobs Gone?

mary433 Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 7:49 AM
At the numbersusa. dot com website, they say that legal and illegal immigrants have picked up 2/3 of the jobs! 1.94 MILLION MORE immigrants are working today than 2009, SO whose looking out for US????

Another jobs report came out yesterday and, like so many others before it, the news was disappointing. Our economy is actually growing more slowly this year than it grew last year — somewhere in the 2% range. Normally after a steep decline, the economy would be roaring back at a 5% to 6% clip.

The official unemployment rate is 7.9%, one-tenth of a point higher than last month's number. But the true rate is almost twice that level. Many people who want a full-time job are working part-time instead. And much of the modest increase in economic activity is...