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Libertarians Versus Conservatives

Mary393 Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 12:06 PM
I am a somewhat new libertarian after voting Republican for 50 years. The RINOs and other do nothings drove me out of the pubby fold. I agree with Bolton that America appearing weak is an invitation to those who want to destroy us. America CANNOT appear weak. That is not to say that we must be the world's policeman. I say let every country fight its own wars. We will definitely be vilified then, but sometimes doing the right thing brings vilification. What most people don't consider in wars is that the safe and serene and most comfortable politicians who get us into wars are mucking around with the military rather than letting the military do what should be done to shorten and win a war. The military did not lose in Viet Nam. OUR POLITICIANS who wouldn't allow them to win are who lost the war. If we could find a way to shut our politicians away from the world, EVERYONE would be a lot better off than we are with them infecting and killing everything they touch.
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Who Owns You?

Mary393 Wrote: Jun 11, 2014 11:52 AM
I am in total agreement with Williams. Every person owns ONE body. Just because someone gets elected to an office does not give him sovereignty over other people's bodies. If I want to take an experimental drug, allowed by government or not, should be MY choice, not some bureaucrat, not some politician.
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Treason: Obama’s ‘Gitmo Five’

Mary393 Wrote: Jun 09, 2014 10:33 AM
Neither Congress nor the US Supreme Court will do anything they may have to take flak for. They are useless, so let's stop paying them AND the Administration. Either do the job or get the hell out of office and make room for someone with guts. This is getting surreal plus embarrassing. I cannot believe we are sitting still in ringside seats and doing NOTHING to stop the total destruction of the finest country on earth!! ;-(
But Obama is evil. Biden is merely stupid. Obama has an evil agenda. I don't believe Biden does. OTOH, I don't care about impeachment as much as I want to see Obama indicted by a grand jury, the charge being political coup of the United States of America and TREASON.
I couldn't possibly agree more with your assessment, and I try to give them grief every day I take a breath. I blog, political, conservative, and I say it like it is. The Democrat Party is dirty and dirty people run it, and their voters are complicit. That is not to say that the Republican Party is pristine - it isn't, but it didn't saddle up Obama and bring him to the party - the DNC did and I want to see it pay for that travesty.
I don't think he deceived anyone in the DNC, ordinary citizens MAYBE, DNC leaders NOPE. I hold them as complicit, and I'll wager some of the RNC is also complicit due to inaction, not raising a brow. When ordinary people like ME, can see through this empty suit from day one, no one will ever convince me that those in DC were in the dark. I'll readily admit some of them may have been threatened because the democrat party is totally about force and violence. They may have been blackmailed.
This story defies words! Our government has reached the end of its useful days and is now into spending days doing all the harm it can dream up to do to the very people who feed and clothe it, who protect them, and are owed their loyalty. I could not get much more disgusted with our government - it and it along are destroying this country and I wish I had a way to prosecute every one of them engaged in this massacre of America. Americans should not tolerate this behavior. I don't have a law degree or a business degree, but I swear I could run this country FAR better than it is being run. It's those WITH those degrees who have destroyed the finest nation in the world.
He won't be missed in this household, primarily because we never let him in the house. We never let his boss in either. ;-)
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25 Examples of Liberal Racism in Quotes

Mary393 Wrote: May 28, 2014 11:29 AM
Not one word quoted is surprising. Leftists use the race card all the time and for every cause. It's a tool for them, and they know how to use it because they are such blatant racists themselves. I'll wager that for every racist conservative, there are 20 racist progressives. These people are mentally ill. They present themselves as sociopaths, in every respect and on every occasion.
I think it is time to quit funding universities. With the exception of the professions of dentistry, medicine, chemistry, biology, and precious few other disciplines, universities are more of a drain on society than a benefit to society. So many of the people who work at them are strange at best, dangerous at worst, and I find absolutely no value they provide except in the sciences. Fifty years ago I had great respect for them - not now! They've gone off the deep end. Crazy as bedbugs.
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White Privilege

Mary393 Wrote: May 28, 2014 8:54 AM
These "educators" are in dire need of an education, not to mention therapy. I've never heard such drivel in all my 75 years on earth. Where do we get these people? For a long time now I have suspected most on the left are sociopaths, and now I can add educators. Some educators and some politicians are far beyond sociopaths - they are certifiably insane, and we should not allow our children to be around them.
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