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Obama's dreamer BS he illegally shoved down out throats is actually allowing illegals to receive free college over American citizens who are low income. They are being turned down so the funds can be used for the illegals. Wake up democrates, this party has completely screwed you with their lies lies and more lies!
I found this interview phony and Jeb to be very irritating and"disengaged". Reaffirmed my "no support Jeb" stance even more.
HMM. Would he feel like this if his daughters were being held hostage??? Stupid question, of course he would, he throws anyone under the bus for "the communist cause". Very Evil and dangerous con that has been pulled over the American people by the Democrat party.
Yep, you must be a college graduate! Idiot!
And I hope he tells them to keep it! A college degree can really make a person stupid, it did for Obama!
And where are BO's college records, locked up and college is being paid to keep sealed. Where are people who knew him when... A lot of them are dead.... Hmmmm the media never questions this!!! I hope Walker comes out swinging and takes all these a holes down.
It is amazing to me that this party and supporters are so in love with proven liars. At least Warren hasn't been responsible (yet or that we know of) for actually killing Americans as Hillary is.
Hopefully the era of the Liars will be done by then and the American people will throw him out on his tail. This man is so pathetic!
So huge outrage over Williams lying, and there should be. It is horrid how the media has lied to AMERICANS to advance obama and his agenda. Where is the outrage for obama, Biden, Clinton, .... They have lied on a continual basis and are not held accountable. I would like all of them suspended for 6 years!!!!
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