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If he embrassees the tea party, and is able to reach out to our youth by showing the a future filled with good jobs and true hope, yes he would win. He also must select a good vp, Cruz?????? He also must take on the media as they put out lies and smears and not back down when debating the lying democrat opponent. Americans want security, safety and truthfulness. Shout out to women, stop being stupid, elections are not about our reproductive organs and quit allowing democrats to use you.
Agree 100% and Bill Clinton is a rapist and molester of women. Democrats and Liberals love live in a world of lies.
The blacks have been completely used by the Al Sharpton's of the world, Barack Obama 's, the democrat party. They have taken away school choices, , jobs, the middle class, family values, security.... What have they given back: government dependency, poverty (while they get rich), drugs (keep you stoned so you can't think), abortion, greed, continuous lies, illegals taking our hard earned tax dollars.... Obama and this administration has beed the worst hoax ever pulled over the American people. Our children and grand children will be paying the price for all who voted for this horrid president and the democrat party. Vote all democrats out in November. Tell this Unamerican administration that we the people are taking over. Demand Obama resign, impeachment is not good enough. Immediate resignation due to his policies, lies and illegal actions needs to be demanded.
WE MUST VOTE FOR EVERY REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER. Some will not be aS conservative as we would like, however, even if a few are "Tea Party" and conservative we will take that. This is how the liberals came to power, they took all the small victories and then they pounced. WE ARE READY TO POUNCE BACK IN NOVEMBER AND IN 2016. SEND ALL DEMOCRATS PACKING. THEY HAVE TURNED THEIR BACK ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!
Why would anyone believe anything coming from Obama's lying mouth. They do support, we get names and boycott!!!
No votes for ANY democrats. Send this message old and clear .
And Bengahzi was a huge success also! Lord this woman is stupid!
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

mary3517 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 12:43 PM
Sure, Jon Boehner and the cronie democrats to do the will of the American people and defund this mess. But, guess that is a pipe dream! Takes courage to lead and Boehner has none of that!
Only if republicans are stupid enough to allow the dem BS to persuade them to not vote. Perry would be excellent. Perry/Cruz would be the dream team America is yearning for and would be unstoppable !
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