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And Bengahzi was a huge success also! Lord this woman is stupid!
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

mary3517 Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 12:43 PM
Sure, Jon Boehner and the cronie democrats to do the will of the American people and defund this mess. But, guess that is a pipe dream! Takes courage to lead and Boehner has none of that!
Only if republicans are stupid enough to allow the dem BS to persuade them to not vote. Perry would be excellent. Perry/Cruz would be the dream team America is yearning for and would be unstoppable !
Where is the Catholic Church outrage??? Why is BO able to keep them silent!!! Why is America silent as Christians are being slaughtered??? All the progress we made has been lost under BO and president Valerie Garett!
He is disgusting and embarrassing. All who voted for this spineless, disconnected idiot are to blame!
She is completely exaggerating and lying! I do this for a living ang the regulations they have imposed are made by bureaucrats who are not dealing with the reality of what we have to do and what we are and have been doing. Instead they trash the program, lie to the American people, claim it is for the goo dog the children and impose their controlling regulations. We all need to push back and tell them to get out of our lives. Ps like to see her and her daughters at one of those housing units for all the illegal children they have allowed to come over her. Go inspect their food and catch their diseases, lice etc....
So sad the voters are so stupid, don't ck facts and believe lies. So sad that disgusting and corrupt politicians are able the keep running for office and deceiving their constituents. PS the Tea Party is not a "party" it is the hearts and souls of the American people, until the republicans start listening to us, they will continue to loose major elections.
Pretty soon the names Mary and Joseph will not allowed to be used and all with the names will have to change them. World exploding and this is he BS our senate wants to deal with! Kick all the democrats out!!!!
Nixon on steroids !!!
We have had Obama the lying, destructive king of deceit. God spare us from the his evil twin sister, Hillary. Democrats have turned into the most uninformed, uncaring people on earth!
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