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I'm more disappointed that he didn't have a high school education and was hired by a good firm making 200k, unreal
If guns are a culture of death, then what is abortion?
Most colleges are liberal hotbeds for indoctrinating young and impressionable youth. I can see why professors and college administrations would miss the face-to-face contact. Stupid is spending $40k-80k a year for a BA or BS. Unless your profession needs a full 8 year degree, that piece of paper is just that....a piece of paper.
He got? Nice. He has life experience, please....did you even listen to the hearings? He's an idiot.
If people own guns because they are racist. They must be really racist in DC where there are more minorities than whites and they have more murders per capita than anywhere else in the US. Go figure.
Good luck passing that one thru congress. not gonna happen, rightfully so
If you want to see the implications on a larger scale you'll regret it. Look at Los Angeles, since legalization around marijuana clubs, assaults up by 53%, robberies from cars up by 151%! Don't be so foolish.
If you think legalizing drugs will end this, you're wrong. Our legal system is the real "corporate cronies", they will exploit every avenue on drug issues from family to community to business etc. It will end up costing the tax payer more money in the long run. The social implications on a society that are already on all sorts of pharma drugs will explode. Amsterdam has it's share of problems with legal drugs. Don't open that pandora's box, you'll regret it. Like allowing Gays in the military, implications go way beyond what we think is "logical". Eventually we will all pay more.
That would work fabulous in a world void of courts and lawyers. It's not so cut and dry as you think.
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Mary2264 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 7:43 PM
Do you understand the difference between a war and an unprovoked attack? The point is not tit for tat who died. The point is this administration did NOTHING while the good guys called for help. Then.....they covered it up with a lame story about a you tube video. This isn't the end of it. Ask yourself this, why did they feel the need to cover up something they had every opportunity to fix? Tell me when an Ambassador died under Bush's watch? Tell me when Bush EVER gave stand down orders! When a situation like this happens, a FLASH MESSAGE is sent IMMEDIATELY to the White House, where protocol calls for a physical flesh and blood body to address POTUS face-to-face. Please tell me, what did POTUS tell them to do to help these guys?
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