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Is this idiot for real? I want him to run right out of the senate. Give it up John I don't believe you could win even as a dog catcher. You have become a joke. The more you talk the dumber you sound. GO AWAY.
Make a pledge NOT one dime to the RNC. As far as I'm concerned they have betrayed the people. This guy is a jerk and quite frankly he looks as much as a dweeb as Reid.
Poor little Jay he can't take the questions. This administration has been coddled and been allowed to lie for 5 years. The dishonest media has to save face now. They along with the administration have lost their credibility. For me no matter what the msm does now they certainly can't be trusted. I wonder when good old Jay is going to sit in the corner with his thumb in his mouth and tears rolling down his face.
Well it must be clear for anyone who thinks clearly the botox riddled brain of Pelosi is on full display. Get used to it because this fraud will always be in congress. I have a thought. Why doesn't Mexico take back Ca.? I can see the country being greatly improved. All of the illegals will be legal, which will make the inhabitants of LALALAND very happy. I am sick and tired of all of these people.
As far as I am concerned Mass. gets what it deserves. That state has gone to hell. It is a shame really. It's like NY will probably elect the porn star Wiener. I don't think Gomez is working hard enough to win.They love obummer so what other result could there be?
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