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All the kids should be taken to D.C, dumped on White House lawn.
From a down-to-earth Missouri gal (who is also a licensed professional): This garbage shows that people see EXACTLY what they want to see -- or are, as you say, paid to see. Seems no one is too well-educated, too smart to be bedazzled by the frosting of a rotten cake.
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Obama Showing His Vindictive Streak

Mary1813 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 2:32 PM
Vindictive. Hardly the term for it. This trait, and the arrogance, were much on display during the 2008 debates. How many people saw his nastiness, rudeness (he all but rolled his eyes at McCain)? Being blind has its price.
Fantastic! Backgrounds checks, and I-9's, are required on the following: food clerk at McDonalds, substitute teacher, Kmart cashier, nurse's assistant, janitor, nurse, doctor, resident, medical student, nursing home attendant, college student, federal worker, at home programmer, etc etc etc etc etc. In other words, Everything! Except, of course, a key position like Navigator, and cipher of, for personal information on Obamacare . .
You go, Mich! Keep on ranting and raving about how stupid everyone else is. The sooner youth and everyone else reads it, the more apt they are to catch onto the real likes of you. I can hardly wait.
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Guess Who’s Going to Iowa?

Mary1813 Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 12:41 PM
You think this is ignorant? She got it mostly right, insofar as the rather inaccurate story goes (the truth is quite different from the poem). Try asking any candidate or politician ANYTHING, and you will learn what ignorant really means. Did you know we have 57 states? So says BOH
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A Truly Great Phony

Mary1813 Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 9:45 AM
Glad to see someone is literate enough to realize that that the -os or oes endings of several nouns have always been correct variants in the English language. What a bunch of ado about nothing by a vile, petty, and uneducated press! What does the press ever do except pant after the almighty buck they've been offered by vile, petty, and uneducated politicians?
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