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Welcome to the Armageddon

Marvin E. Fox Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 5:25 PM
I have been watching the Democrats play this game for years. The Democrats have always been able to win, when they won, by merely scaring some of us old people and soon to be retirees with the loss of various life support systems the Democrats brought out of darkness into legal light for just that purpose. I watched the Democrats patch the poverty systems into their class war repertoire, late 1940s, of fear begetting schemes. All of those decades of preparation has produced the fear and class warfare perfection of the Obama Administration. Hasn't the democracy been a wonderful model of perfection for our Republic. Marvin Fox

Welcome to Thunder Dome.

Well, at least sequestration was supposed to bring about a post-apocalyptic world until President Obama realized Republicans weren’t going to capitulate to his will (again) and raise taxes (again) to replace the sequester he birthed in 2011.

There was a distinct change in tone from the White House this week on what sequestration would mean. In little more than a week we went from roving bands of teacherless children wandering darkened streets filled with uninspected rancid meat, illegal aliens and pre-convicted felons released because of lack of funds setting fires there aren’t enough firefighters to extinguish...