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The European Evidence Shows Why the Left’s Real Goal Is Higher Taxes on the Middle Class

Marvin E. Fox Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 7:39 PM
The cause of the taxes always trumps the warm and fuzzy speeches that support the taxes. The cause for the taxes is the same in Europe as it is in our Republic. Socialists have gained control of our tax system. The mantra I heard years ago is , "It isn't those who own money who have power; it is those who control money who have power." The difference between The Obama Marxist and European Marxist control of our tax systems is a slight variation in method, not a difference in objective. We either get rid of Obama and his socialists or suffer the same fate as Cuba, or Russia. If you think Obama is a loose cannon, you are wrong. He is a very well aimed cannon. The Obama coannon was aimed by Karl Marx in the 1800s.

Why are taxes so much higher in Europe, consuming 46 percent of economic output compared to 32 percent of GDP in America? Is it because nations such as France, Greece, and Sweden have adopted the kind of class-warfare policies that Obama wants for the United States?

Surprisingly, the answer is no.

As explained by Veronique de Rugy, the United States actually has a more “progressive” tax code than European nations. The corporate tax rate is higher in the United States than in any European country, and the

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