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You see the truth, and the light of day, and most of us do. Our present problem isn't that truth isn't known. Our problems is that truth must still gain enough strength to be used over the objections of so many liars. profiteers, and criminals who are using our system of government for political malfeasance, crime, or personal profit. Marvin Fox
I think you may have missed one of the tactics for big time QE spending. QE doesn't raise taxes; QE is a reverse tax. QE devalues the money already in the system. Since the government can spend as much as it likes, and QE covers that spending by design or default, higher taxes are not needed. The government isn't particularly bothered by the loss from the devalued dollar because the government can spend more money to cover government's loss from devaluation. The Cure is our return to Constitutional government and rule of law that includes being obeyed by politicians. Marvin Fox
If Banks and Corporations are too big to fail, the phony democracy/progressive/Marxist political establishment can use its best political logic to bail them out. The unseen addition to that bail-out logic is only a short slide down: if banks and corporations are too big to fail; aren't the political parties running our government too big to fail? If political parties are too big to fail, aren't they also too big to be subject to our Constitutional Laws.? Those Constitutional Laws are the only protection we have to use against political parties. Marvin Fox
The Democrats rarely if ever give up on a bad idea. They appear to follow a political paradigm that makes giving up a politically dangerous bad idea. 1. They have an idea they think, for some reason, will work. 2. They develop a constituency for the idea. 3, They implement the idea. 4. They find their idea doesn't work. 5. The Democrat constituency thinks the Democrats can make the idea work in the future. 6.The Democrats cannot refuse the demands of the constituency they developed to protect their, now understood, bad idea. 7. The Success of the bad idea under those circumstances becomes a political imperative. Failure loses votes. 8. It is too bad the democracy's bad ideas aren't political aperitifs instead of imperatives, they know how to get rid of an aperitif. Marvin Fox
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Is the GOP Suicidal?

Marvin E. Fox Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 5:03 PM
If Republicans ever get over the ridiculous idea that they need Democrats voting for them, and will get the same, they may once again become a a Republican Party of republicans. The real republicans are citizens of the Republic of the United States of America. Who knows, they might even go so far as to stop referring to our Republic as 'our democracy.' To help them leap forward on that trail to redemption, I will leave the following admonitions. The Definition of our Republic is its Constitution, all other definitions are false or incomplete. Redefining our Republic as 'our democracy' is false, and becoming more ridiculous by the minute. Marvin Fox
There is a cost for all Americans that use Obamacare, and all that do not. In or out of that game. All of us share the cost of doing business with Obamacare and government. Obamacare is creating a bureaucratic nightmare that I believe is unequaled in our history. Every corporation of any size that deals directly with government calculates those costs. Those calculated costs are part of the contract's costs and added to government contracts. Every American deals with the government in almost everything we do. The personal cost of doing business with the government is not realized by most people, and it is almost impossible to individually calculate those costs. The personal costs of dealing with the government are easily the most costly unfunded mandates the government imposes on the American people. The bigger the government; the more costly the unfunded the mandate. Obamacare in one swoop, is the most costly unfunded mandate our government has ever made. An unfunded mandate is a silent way of taxing Americans without raising taxes. The unfunded mandate is even less noticeable than taxing us by devaluing our money supply with government printed money. The only cure for out-of-control government is less government. Changing political parties from Democrat to Republican will help in these circumstances, but it is only the beginning. The end must be smaller, more efficient government. Marvin Fox
It seems the world's tyrants are losing control over the voice of the people. It is too difficult to block international airways. The tyrants cannot erect a wall to keep hand held telephone use out, or a wall to keep it in. The tyrants need the same communications ability to keep track of themselves. The international internet, Facebook, and twitter have their good side. The free flow of truthful information is that good side. There is one caveat: the maniacs who want to control the voices and actions of the people will never stop trying. There is a weapon against tyranny. The truth trumps tyranny every time! Marvin Fox
Wall Street is being chronically held up by the Federal Reserve's monthly stipend to the big spenders. If you would like to see panic in full swing on Wall Street, or the stock market in Eurozone, get the Fed. Res. to announce its monthly stipend will end next month. If that happens, the Hand Wringing Classes will begin this month. Marvin Fox
I read that Ariana Huffington sold HuffPo for over $100 million. Was there a tradition of hard work used to get HuffPo up to that sales value? Was Ariana the only Lefty who worked hard enough to get it done? Did the employees of the Huffington Post help with that hard work, or did they resist helping every step of the way? If the BS about being free from work is drained out of the left, it will look like the foundation for a flat earth. There might even be some respect for personnel independence and hard work left in the puddle. Marvin Fox
It seems the democracy cannot work with accurate numbers. It must inflate or deflate statistics as a political demand to appear superior, or so it seems. Unemployment numbers, deflated; Obamacare numbers, inflated; illegal alien deportation numbers, inflated; problems caused by illegal aliens, deflated; national fiscal problems, deflated; employment successes, inflated; Administration credibility problem, deflated. Factual information seems to be so unlikely to receive from the Administration that it seems to be the very base of the Administration's credibility problem. Marvin Fox
I remember reading of the four stages of a hero. I believe it was by the Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Jung. Stage 1. The trickster gains admirers. 2. The trickster turns to acts the Admirers like and becomes their hero. 3. The hero begins doing things his admirers do not like. 4. The heroes admirers become dissatisfied and throw him out. I am sure Dr. Jung told that better than I can remember it, but the story is there. Marvin Fox
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