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I read that Ariana Huffington sold HuffPo for over $100 million. Was there a tradition of hard work used to get HuffPo up to that sales value? Was Ariana the only Lefty who worked hard enough to get it done? Did the employees of the Huffington Post help with that hard work, or did they resist helping every step of the way? If the BS about being free from work is drained out of the left, it will look like the foundation for a flat earth. There might even be some respect for personnel independence and hard work left in the puddle. Marvin Fox
It seems the democracy cannot work with accurate numbers. It must inflate or deflate statistics as a political demand to appear superior, or so it seems. Unemployment numbers, deflated; Obamacare numbers, inflated; illegal alien deportation numbers, inflated; problems caused by illegal aliens, deflated; national fiscal problems, deflated; employment successes, inflated; Administration credibility problem, deflated. Factual information seems to be so unlikely to receive from the Administration that it seems to be the very base of the Administration's credibility problem. Marvin Fox
I remember reading of the four stages of a hero. I believe it was by the Psychiatrist Dr. Karl Jung. Stage 1. The trickster gains admirers. 2. The trickster turns to acts the Admirers like and becomes their hero. 3. The hero begins doing things his admirers do not like. 4. The heroes admirers become dissatisfied and throw him out. I am sure Dr. Jung told that better than I can remember it, but the story is there. Marvin Fox
The French are suffering through their 5th Republic for good reasons. The failure of the other 4 is most prominent in those reasons. The 5th is being held together by the same uh, cough, democratic processes the American democrats are trying to use in our Republic. That process creates a large enough class of people who feel they will have to give up too much if they replace the present type of government. I believe the crossover point for the beginning of the 6th French Republic will occur when that large group realizes they have already lost what they hoped the government would keep supplying to them. We Americans should be able to see the similarities between Francois Hollande, Barack Obama, our Democratic Party, and the French debacle to avoid our own Democratic Party's plan of action for our Republic. Marvin Fox
Reading the comments gives one a sense of how well John Ransom is really doing. The Leftwing Liberals are attacking everything Republican, but they dare not attack the material in Ransom's article. O's Pen and phone antics have become so well known due to Ransom, Fox News, and conservative news sources that the Leftwing accusations have become too far to the left to be credible. Keep up the good work, John Ransom, and the conservatives. The Leftwing is beginning to buckle at the knees. Marvin Fox
How do you know? I have family from France. That isn't what I hear from them. Marvin Fox
Obama seems to me to be an Alinsky Progressive. That is difficult, to impossible, to explain; but I will try it anyway: 1. There is no plan. 2. Do whatever you can get a way with as previously planned. 3. Make sure the rules fit the plan. That's my best shot at it. Marvin Fox
I think I get it.Let me see now? If unemployment were higher, much higher, by my calculations. The Progressive wing of the Leftwing, of the socialist wing of the Democratic party would then have driven the newly discovered income inequality levels to such height that it could be used to overcome the utter dislike of Obamacare by a significant enough voting level to allow the Democrats to hold the Senate against (according to VP Biden) the recently nonexistent Republican Party. That may be the plan. Marvin Fox
Check a 1939 dollar against the value of a present dollar. I doubt our dollar is worth a 1939 dime. Marvin Fox
"Obama's Amerika, 238 years to build, and 6 years to tear apart." That title gives Obama an ability and a credit he does not deserve. First: trying to tear America apart doesn't get it done, and it won't get done. Second: I think Obama is the epitome of work the Democratic Party has been doing for many decades. The Democratic Party isn't a bunch of Johnny-come-latelies to the processes being used that are tearing America apart. Every Democrat has voted for everything that has been used for the last six years. The Party is constantly seeking support to strengthen the things we see as primary dangers to our Republic. It is incorrect to focus one's entire attention on one person because he was chosen by others to lead its charge against our Constitutional Republic. I think the American people are coming together in common purpose. We see our differences of opinion are differences in perspective, not differences in purpose. Everyone I know believes The Obama administration has to go. Marvin Fox
The Shame of California and the public school system is that it has to be sued by its students who recognize that a major problem in todays education is poor teaching skills. Perhaps it will be recognized by the courts that students have a 9th Amendment Right to the education they and their parents are paying for with taxes and tuition. It is difficult to see how a school can defend itself for defying its own educational purposes by using unqualified teachers that cannot provide that basic Right to students. Marvin Fox
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