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Add another school shooting stopped when the shooter was confronted by an armed guard... Arapahoe HS, Centennial CO.
Of course not. But isn't there some compromise between arming "every student" and leaving our schools completely defenseless???
The whole concept of insurance isn't to pay for routine, expected, day to day expenses. It's a way of spreading risk, so that no one goes broke paying for a catastrophic illness or injury. Yet the people putting Obamacare together have no concept of this...
All the attention now is on the failed website, but the entire ACA is an unworkable mess. There's a disaster coming...
Maybe it's time to do away with mail in ballots if that's the case. Maybe they make voter fraud too easy. Maybe physically able people who are too lazy or can't take the time to go to the polls shouldn't be voting anyway.
What's horrifying is that this amateur can have a 44% approval rating. This country has crossed a tipping point.
OK. Bill Clinton's a liar. This is news?
Obama is a testament to everything wrong with affirmative action. There are well qualified black candidates for president... Men and women of ability and accomplishment who could lead America as well as anyone. Obama is president simply on account of people voting for him due to the color of his skin.
This is assinine. When did the court gain the power to force a private business to do business with ANYONE???
Holder would rather arm the drug cartels than the vigilantes. Obviously. Like you said, Holder DID arm the drug cartels.
The Republicans main problem is that America is dead. We now have a country in which a majority of the electorate is willing to give up it's freedom in order to be taken care of by someone else. Does it matter if no Republicans are elected if these are the people they have to serve?
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