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The reason that denying reality works so well for democrats is that their base, and much of the electorate, is delusional too.
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Carney: 7,041,000 Signed Up for Obamacare

marty85 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 3:43 PM
When you have the only product people can legally buy, and people have to have that product, and they HAVE to buy it under penalty of law, it has to be pretty bad for them to have this much trouble selling it.
At a higher level, this is what "Fast and Furious" was.
Who's surprised? Liberals can't argue with facts. Once they're past emotion they have nothing left but insults, personal attacks, and name calling.
It makes no difference to these political clown acts whether the technology really works, or whether it makes guns any safer. It's all about CONTROL.
Someone ought to explain to these women that they get pregnant in the first place by HAVING SEX... It doesn't happen by accident, like catching a virus. Do they really have to screw EVERYBODY???
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The 20 Most Annoying Liberals of 2013

marty85 Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 5:49 PM
I seldom agree with a thing Beckel says, but somehow I like the guy. Wouldn't mind living next door to him.
OK... So "Mothers Demand Action" can plan to promote further gun control laws, but gun rights advocates aren't allowed to protest... Sounds about right...
No way would I comply with such an asinine law. I'd tell them I refuse to disclose whether my house is unprotected or if I have guns to steal when I'm not home.
Add another school shooting stopped when the shooter was confronted by an armed guard... Arapahoe HS, Centennial CO.
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