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"Illegal Immigrant" was already a euphemism. The correct legal term for someone from another country is "alien." And even though this is STILL the correct legal term, the AP and others decided a long time ago that it was an offensive label. If an alien is here legally, they may be a legal or "resident" alien. If they are here illegally, they are an "illegal alien," which is the term we should be using. It has no agenda other than to accurately convey actual status under the law.
"The Catholic church is guilty of watering down Christianity with paganism in order to make converts. Do any of you really believe that Jesus approves of this?" Why wouldn't he? Do you really imagine that Jesus is threatened by an Easter Egg hunt? One of the major themes of Jesus' ministry was that we should turn our backs on legalism. So it doesn't matter where the egg thing came from. What matters is our relationship with God.
If I can digress from the topic for a moment... ""She’s going to have a tough road to hoe,” said Jim Cauley" Dude, it's a tough ROW to hoe. It's a farming term, get it? Who uses a hoe on a road? This post brought to you by the idiom police. I hate when people get the words wrong.
Wow, Ben was articulate, on point, and cool headed the entire time. Extremely well done. And in contrast to the other night when he had Alex Jones on, it was Piers' turn to look like the hysterical madman. Right off the bat he made the issue personal (how dare you, how dare you) and then he spent the rest of the interview trying to construct straw men because he knew wasn't going to beat Ben on the facts.
Most schools have a dress code for the students. Why wouldn't you have one for the teachers as well?
This election was always going to be a tough win for Romney. If there was legitimate fraud, it will come out. But to have the result we did, you would need fraud on an unprecedented scale AND you would need for the Democrats to be able to cover it all up. Think about how well they do pretty much anything else and then ask yourself how they cold pull off such a massive scheme...or it could just be that more people voted for Obama.
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Fiscal Cliff? Tax the Rich

Marty80 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 11:41 AM
Oh come on! Raising the tax rate a few percentage points isn't going to turn us into the Soviet Union. It's one step of several that need to be made to help get rid of the deficit. This notion that it's cruel to raise this rate or that it will crush the economy is just absurd hysterics.
I think there are a lot of people who wish we didn't have abortions but are uncomfortable having the government force that position.
Oh for Pete's sake, all the diplomats do this. It doesn't mean anything other good manners. Bush did it too and it didn't mean anything then either.
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