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This is a prime example of the sickness and lack of any kind of morality in liberals. Any conservative should move out of California, also no one should do business with any company based in the Peoples Republic of California. Money is the only thing that will bring them back to sanity
@ BINDER... Are you stupid? or just suffer from some mental disability. We never said they pay NO taxes, we said they pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX. which they don't! (If you pay in then get every cent back that is NOT PAYING TAXES) and I hate to break it to you but Hitler was a LEFTIST. He was the head of the National SOCIALIST German Workers Party. Socialism is a LEFT WING FAILED IDEOLOGY or are you going to try to convince us it's a right wing disguise? 386,000 PEOPLE LAID OFF SINCE OBAMAS RE ELECTION and counting. Just do me a favor, when it all comes crashing down, don't ask us for food or shelter. Though we will need people to dig slit trenches and empty waste buckets if you want to eat
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Mayor Bloomberg Hates Bloggers

Martin96 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 11:27 AM
Names and dollar amounts should be public but nothing that even hints at location and no way what liberals want which is every bit of information right down to adress and phone number personally i could care less about them publishing my info. my family is well armed and enjoy fighting libtards
The media will never admit Obama is behind unless it serves obamas purpose. the election will tell the truth
The sad thing is if Obama had the sane condition as that wonderful Disney character who's nose grew every time he lied the recent Mars rover would have been able to DRIVE from Earth to Mars
Wind power (and solar) = less efficient and more expensive but hey no one ever said libtards were smart... except libtards themselves.. who because they are trust fund babies and would not know a days work if it drove their mom off a bridge and watched her drown believe they are members of the intellectual elite. when facts are they are equal to a grapefruit when it comes to iintelligence
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