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very few liberal ideas make me sick anymore, this however is one of the few that reaches that line.
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Women in Combat: Felony Stupid

Martin96 Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 10:44 AM
Okay a little dose of reality. NO ONE, man nor woman can say how they will react during first contact. The first time you have a live round fired at you in anger is life changing. I have seen people who thought they were Audey Murphy curl up and cry, while "nerds" who I thought would run stood their ground and fought like Iwo Jima Marines. Saying that because a person is a woman she will not fight as dirty as a man is IGNORANT. It also DEFIES HISTORY. REPEAT AFTER ME.. STALINGRAD, KURSK, SEELOW HEIGHTS and 10,000 other russian front battles where woman cut men into pieces with knives and shovels, where a woman was the #1 SNIPER in the entire war. Are Mr and Mrs John Q Public ready for little brandy to come home in a body bag? Probably not
what did you all expect from a president wo never once in his life held a real job
what did you all expect from a president wo never once in his life held a real job
what can one expect from byproducts of the American education system
Typical liberal reaction to an horrific event. Turn the deaths of children into a political event. Sorry Dianne but i do not care if it makes me a criminal, I will turn in my assault rifles when the police and government agencies do the same. (Armed Forces Excluded)
typical libtard math. do not take into account that the 1.25 trillion is BEFORE all you loser low income tax slepsch get everything back and then some in April while us REAL TAX PAYERS GET NOTHING BACK low income losers on foodstamps should shut up, pay their rents, drink their cheap wine and demand the money they wasted at libtard university back
forced relocation under any name has never ended well. when this experiment fails to prodice the results they want, what is next? gas chambers for the untermenchen?
In the end the Republicans should cave (bear with me) this is going to go bad but as it stands Obama and company can blame republicans, if in the end we way OK lets play your game but remember when it goes bad its 100% YOUR PLAN, we tried you would not listen, so this is all on you. Republicans need to do this in public, even going on MSNBC so when it all comes crashing down there is no where for them to blame but Herr Hitler, I mean Obama. there is no way to prevent a compete collapse, best thing we can do is prepare for the insanity and be in a position to take back the nation by force if necessary. the only good thing is when it does collapse it will lead to the deaths of scores of liberals who can not live without governemtn help
This is a prime example of the sickness and lack of any kind of morality in liberals. Any conservative should move out of California, also no one should do business with any company based in the Peoples Republic of California. Money is the only thing that will bring them back to sanity
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