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Howard Dean: "The Republican Party Is Gay-Bashing, Muslim-Bashing, Latino-Bashing, Immigrant-Bashing, Women-Bashing Every Day"

Martin176 Wrote: Apr 05, 2012 2:48 PM
Angie You have to be kidding me with this diatribe. I wouldn't vote for a Republican even for dog catcher. The bottom line to to the Republican Party is that you are on your own and good luck. What about all the people who lost their homes due to the shennaigans of the mortgage industry and the bad debt that Wall Street passed out. In addition we saw how well George Bush spent our money and how well the free for all on Wall Street went for the country during his term. I can find as many "lies" on Fox news as you can on MSNBC. The polling is showing now that the Hispanic vote as well as the women vote is leaning towards Obama. If the Republicans want to keep up this nonsense that they talk about we'll see you in 2016.