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I appreciate what you are saying and know that is a belief that you have. Unfortunately there are consequences for every decison that a person makes. It is not the role of the government to force women to have babies that they don't want under rape or incest. This is a personal decision that will stay with someone the rest of their life. You say if a unborn child is is a human life it has an inalienable right to life. I don't believe that but this is my opinion. The government should stay out of this especuially with some espousing that criminal charges be brought against women and their doctor that do decide to have abortions.
Akins did not confuse his facts. He specifically referred to this doctor who has been peddling the idea that a woman's body can tell the difference between being raped or not if intercourse cccurs. I understand what you are saying in terms of the baby being not guilty but if a woman is raped she is not guilty as well. For the government to dictate that a woman raped must have the child goes against what conservatives and republicans stand for in terms of the reach of government. There is nothing positive about any of this but this decision is best left to the woman and her doctor.
The best part of this affair is Akin's use of justifying his comments with junk science from a Dr. Willke who he references as the source of this information and is head of an anti-abortion group. The same good doctor who was good enough to be an important surrogate for Mitt Romney in 2008. In addition, Romney met with this quack late last fall. The question I have is how good is Romney's judgement, knowing what this person believes, and still accepts his support in his campaign? Willke's scientific analysis consists of opinions and not medical evidence. I hope this guy stays in the race so that the voters of Missouri can this character packing and just go home.
This woman must be drinking something fairly strong to write a column like this. This total pandering to the right wing of the Republican party who have been waging war on women for years. All you have to do is look at state legislatures, with a majority of Republican seats, to see this is you don't believe it. Somehow that seems to escape the autor of this article. As an example the Arizona state legislature just passed a bill limiting abortions to the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. In Kansas they have passed a law that a mother who wants an abortion must see the ultrasound images before going through an abortion. Rick Santorum brings up contraceptives like its 1958 all over again. One thing you can count on is the right is always wrong.
Angie You have to be kidding me with this diatribe. I wouldn't vote for a Republican even for dog catcher. The bottom line to to the Republican Party is that you are on your own and good luck. What about all the people who lost their homes due to the shennaigans of the mortgage industry and the bad debt that Wall Street passed out. In addition we saw how well George Bush spent our money and how well the free for all on Wall Street went for the country during his term. I can find as many "lies" on Fox news as you can on MSNBC. The polling is showing now that the Hispanic vote as well as the women vote is leaning towards Obama. If the Republicans want to keep up this nonsense that they talk about we'll see you in 2016.
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