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Unhappy Anniversary

martialmensch Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 1:30 PM
Right. Government should do less because the compassionate Republicans who are in the pockets of big healthcare organizations and big pharma will all do the right thing, as the vast body of empirical data suggests. Ha! You're delusional! Wake up.

Last week, politicians who helped craft the Affordable Care Act (ACA) celebrated in self-congratulatory style the third anniversary of that monstrosity which will soon extinguish health care as we've known it.

The president's promises about the ACA saving money and allowing you to keep your existing health plan are proving false, as many predicted.

The Department of Health and Human Services maintains the law will make health care more affordable and accessible. The Wall Street Journal, reminding readers of that claim, reported last week that health insurers are privately warning brokers: "premiums for many individuals and small businesses could increase sharply...