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Holder to be Slapped With Fast and Furious Lawsuit During August Recess

marshallbrinson Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 3:27 PM
Maybe story # 30,194 would actually have the outcome to Fast and Furious if Holder was not withholding documents from Oversight! Until we know who approved it and what Holder is hiding, I do not care if Katie publishes 50,000 articles! I want the answers and any true American does also! People DIED and the general public was Lied to and now the cover up is in full force! If you don't want the answers, then quit wasting your time and reading the articles! I doubt anyone twisted your "americanobserver" arms and made you read Katie's did it on your own and then started crying about it!!!

Congress may be heading out for recess today but that isn't stopping the House Republicans from moving forward with a civil contempt of Congress lawsuit against Attorney General Eric Holder.

"We'll be filing a civil case during the break," Issa told NBC, "We will expect a day in court before a federal judge, which we have a 100 percent chance that the judge will hold that these documents should be delivered."

The lawsuit will be reviewed by a judge who will assess whether Holder has an obligation to comply with a 22-part Congressional subpoena that...