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You compare voting against gay marriage to the targeting done by the IRS??? are about as Ignorant as they come! And the gays "give us everything" attitude is the problem! Regardless of being Demoncrats, Republicans, Tea Party or whatever...everyone should be upset that an organization like the IRS can just decide to target others that they do not agree with. Do you think it would be alright if the IRS decided to target all gay groups?!?! Bet you would see it different then!
If I was the Federal Judge that made the Order to allow Firearms Shops, and saw this ridiculous ordinance the Idiot Liberals are proposing...they would find out real quick what I meant by my order! Or just hold all of them in Federal Contempt! a thoroughly researched and factual article listing all of the "REASONS" that Obama could be Legally Impeached and possibly JAILED! I think it is well past time to do an article of this type...and include the Failure to Notify Congress that you were giving NObama's buddies their 5 Terrorist back. And putting them up in Luxury Condos for a year...on top of it all!!!
With a "Muslim" Loving President, why would you expect anything different from his Paid Mouthpiece!!!
And leaving Children in a Hot Car is a possible LIFE ENDER and Illegal! Which is more important???
So if the children had died, I guess it would have been OK due to she was "DESPERATE"?? I am sure this woman had some notice of the Job Interview and could have found someone to watch the children. If not, a "RESPONSIBLE" person would have advised the Interviewer that she could not find someone to watch the children and brought them with her or rescheduled. I am sure that type of "Responsibility" would have been much better accepted and also "LEGAL" and not put the children at 'RISK OF DEATH"! So take your pity party to the same place that MSNBC need to take the Trash Can!
Why would anyone expect anything different from good old MSNBC!!! Typical Pity Party trying to get at the other side! She is getting exactly what she deserves!!!
Seriously...How, repeat...HOW can any of this be true from the "Most Transparent Administration" to ever think they Own the White House and the Country??? No wonder he was yelling Witch Hunt and wanting to stop the investigation. Well Cummings...they have found the "Witch"...Lerner...and the subject of the "Hunt"...YOU!!! Now...I wonder if any of the wonderful MSM Outlets will even pick up a glimmer of this story!! Guess if they do, it will be buried as deep as they can. Or it will be worded as "Issa attacks Cummings on a Baseless Claim" and log it under Racism! Cummings should now be voted to be held in Contempt and removed from Oversight! At least Issa has not given up on the truth, even with all the stonewalling the Demoncrats are providing. Seriously makes me wonder what is being hidden in the Fast and Furious Documents they are fighting so hard to cover up!!! Thank You Chairman Issa for not quitting on the people!
You don't get the entire deal do ya! Take off your LoveNObama Glasses and come into the real world. The cost of scanning 6000 patients records and the systems to store them is also a cost to the Doctor! NObamaCare is not going to pay him for this. Plus, the NObamaCare site, with no real security built in, is going to put all of these records out there for hackers. I think if you find a mirror, take a look, and you will quickly find the "MORON" in this deal!!!! Is it clonginus or clinginganus!!!!
Surprised she did not use the Benghazi Butchers line..."What Difference Does It Make"!!!
Take your HOOKER Ads somewhere else....
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