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Transforming Normalcy

Marshall Art Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 7:55 AM
What you say is true, regarding Jesus being the final arbiter in determining who is hell worthy. And it is true (or at least, "true-ISH") that feeling a compulsion is not a guarantee one is hell bound. But how one acts on one's compulsions makes a big difference and it is that which will determine one's final destination, as how one acts determines whether or not one's faith is true. Grace is not a free pass to live as one chooses. Nothing in Scripture justifies or allows for homosexual behavior.

Dr. Jennifer Morse recently gave a perfectly civil and thoroughly Christian talk to a group of Catholic college students in Iowa. In a speech deeply rooted in compassion, she urged students to reach out to same-sex attracted classmates and offer them friendship. She thought they could benefit from chaste friendships, and that they would not necessarily get much of that type of support from others on campus.

The response to Jennifer's speech was predictable. The Gaystapo took to the internet with a series of egregious mischaracterizations of the speech - all of which were intended to intimidate those who would dare...