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Obama's 'Cynicism' on Gay Marriage

Marshall Art Wrote: May 13, 2012 4:26 PM
I'm sure a decent orphanage would have been better for you, as well. But you can't compare parents of different character and claim the comparison is a good argument. Would you not have preferred a heterosexual couple who loved and fed you to those drunks who raised you, or only a homosexual couple? I would agree that a homosexual couple that proper vetting found to be (otherwise) good for a child in need would be better than any other couple of any persuasion that would be harmful. But we really need not consider such a scenario until no other possibilities are available.

President Barack Obama's critics have a point in criticizing his handling of the gay marriage issue as evasive, politically devious and lacking in principle. I hate to say it, but it's bad enough to qualify as Lincolnesque.

Abraham Lincoln is remembered today for freeing the slaves. But he didn't start out with that policy, and he didn't get there quickly. He reached his ultimate position only by slowly and painfully "evolving" -- while blacks waited and suffered in bondage.

When he came out for same-sex marriage, Obama won praise from gays, liberals and libertarians who have supported same-sex marriage all along....