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Inflated Fears of Ebola and Terrorism

marky mark3 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 8:35 AM
Wow!...just wow!...Little Stevie has proved once again that he is no more than a consumate purveyor of liberal dipshittery masquerading as a "conservative" columnist. All he does is cluck in unison with the rest of the fowl in the liberal hen house.
There are many things abortion Barbie does not understand...the main one being that she will never, ever become the governor of Texas.
Chelsea looks exactly like Prince Charles wearing a wig. I wonder if there is, indeed, some sort of "family" connection there.
You have to be convicted of a felony to lose your law license. In this case she was only charged with a misdemeanor.....they should have charged her with assaulting a corrections officer and put her in prison for a few years....she is a disgrace to the state and the legal profession.
Compare the book sales numbers of Sarah Palin and Shrillary and get back to us....Thanks
Ann, why don't you crawl back under Mitt Romney's porch a write another self serving book or something.
Not all Muslims want to behead you but all of those who wish to do so are Muslims.
Nah...after they see we are serious and not putting up with their bull$#!t anymore they will fall in line...If not we can send the dissenters to gitmo for re-education and rehabilitation
Winning the war on terror: If the US were serious about winning the war on Islamic nutjobs once an for all, there is a simple point plan we could follow that I will author...you can all thank me later :) 1. Establish a Kurdish state with well defined and secure borders and air space with full backing of the US military. 2. Start a covert war between Sunni and Shia pitting the forces of Iran, Syria and Shia controlled Iraq against the Sunni interests of Saudi Arabia, ISIS and their supporters. 3. Supports Israel in the utter destruction and complete disarming of hamas, hizbolla, Islamic jihad and all organized terrorist outfits in the area. 4. Sit back and watch the Sunnis and Shia fight it out until there is a clearly defined winner. 5. Organize a three point all out war on the winner with an alliance between the USA, Israel and independent Kurdistan and complete the utter destruction and elimination of ALL military capabilities in the middle east. PROBLEM SOLVED!!
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Obama; Cruzin'

marky mark3 Wrote: Aug 09, 2014 11:27 AM
Since when did you become a flack for the corrupt republican establishment hacks Rich? Ted Cruz is not only the last best hope we have for saving the people from total over-reach by the bloated, entrenched, career politicians of the rapidly growing government machine....he is also, by far, the most brilliant politician to come along in decades.
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