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Time for comrade Nancy "la boca raton" Peloski to climb back in her hole. She is a nationwide laughing stock.
Who is this UnGodly little troll of a woman? I have never heard of her
You needn't worry, The dems/libs have already sank to the lowest level possible by sanctioning and profiting politically from the destruction of America....They are a cancer that needs to be removed before it devours the body of our country.
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Inflated Fears of Ebola and Terrorism

marky mark3 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 8:35 AM
Wow!...just wow!...Little Stevie has proved once again that he is no more than a consumate purveyor of liberal dipshittery masquerading as a "conservative" columnist. All he does is cluck in unison with the rest of the fowl in the liberal hen house.
There are many things abortion Barbie does not understand...the main one being that she will never, ever become the governor of Texas.
Chelsea looks exactly like Prince Charles wearing a wig. I wonder if there is, indeed, some sort of "family" connection there.
You have to be convicted of a felony to lose your law license. In this case she was only charged with a misdemeanor.....they should have charged her with assaulting a corrections officer and put her in prison for a few years....she is a disgrace to the state and the legal profession.
Compare the book sales numbers of Sarah Palin and Shrillary and get back to us....Thanks
Ann, why don't you crawl back under Mitt Romney's porch a write another self serving book or something.
Not all Muslims want to behead you but all of those who wish to do so are Muslims.
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