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Under a Reagan, The Bushes or even Bill Clinton the Russians would not even dream to broadcast such a boast on state run TV. They see Obama for the weak, incompetent clown that he is.....and also John Kerry for the pompous, delusional wind bag that he so elequently portrays.
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California GOP Halts Orgy of Panic

marky mark3 Wrote: Mar 18, 2014 6:41 AM
Is there a term limit for governor of California?
The mission of the FCC is to allocate and license sections of over the air bandwidth and enforce obsenity guidlines....period....they have grown from their stated mission to a seven headed monster shilling for liberal causes and the democRAT party.
Beau the white house dog?
Abortion Barbie, or any other lying self serving democrat hack, will never, ever govern the greatest state in the nation....period
Quote of the week: "every pinko, commie and goose-stepping liberal fascist within whining distance of the Pacific Ocean" PRICELESS!!
This cheating, lying bimbo will never, ever be governor of Texas...period.
Well stated.
Love your columns John but you are 90% wrong on this one and I have 40 years of personal research to prove it.
What?...another liberal who has completely fabricated a narrrative about themselves in order to gain political power???...say it aint so.....It doesn't matter what the facts are, they will be swept under by the fawning media...after all, it only matters that the lying liberals "care" about us...right?
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