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Democrats love it when they can get more Republicans to agree that "Abortion should be regulated." Like slaughterhouse are regulated. This makes it possible for those regulations to go unenforced (unless a sting operation reveals they're not being enforced). Half a million people marched for life in Washington, DC today. And every single one of them was marching to end abortion. Incremental regulation of abortion is a way to keep abortion "regulated" if and when the personhood of the unborn is recognized in law. The killing of the unborn will still be a Political Football, and the country will remain divided.
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War in the Gender Gap Evaporates

Mark Trail Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 8:16 AM
One of the moral hazards of over-the-counter sales of birth control pills is men who are raping their biological or adopted daughters can buy it and force them to take the birth control pills, and continue the incestuous relationship. The abortion giant Planned Parenthood, #1 provider of abortions in the US, are unreliable in reporting suspicions of incest, as undercover sting operations have revealed. Giving abortions to girls and sending them back to their abusers is the result of this lax and illegal behavior.
Alternatively, if a woman chooses to keep her clothes on as her method of birth control, should the company policy cover her wardrobe?
Companies don't make you state which forms of birth control you are using or if you've ever had an abortion before they consider hiring you, but they will provide you with a list of things covered by the group insurance package they provide for their employees. You, the applicant for the job, may or may not choose to withdraw your application for employment at that point. Free country. Pro Choice Message.
The recent sting by Live Action shows PP advising a 15 yr old to watch porn w/her boyfriend to get ideas. What if the Gov't mandated that porn be covered as a necessary for sex between two people. Whips & chains? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE1feXDfsyc
Christian businesses don't ask a woman what kind of birth control they're on or if they've ever had an abortion before hiring them, so why should the business be forced to answer why they won't provide all the contraception that the women who work for them want? The best way to deal with Pandora's Box is to not open it. The 16 types of birth control Hobby Lobby provided should be enough, and Hobby Lobby shouldn't have even been asked for details as to why they didn't provide the other four. None of anyone's business, really. Go work somewhere else if you think you can't scrape together $30 a month for what you need in the bedroom.
Coming from lawless countries, the teens who aren't gang members were probably sent north as human shields, so to speak. The money the cartels charged to send the kids north was probably extorted from families.
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LA Mayor Exemplifies America's Decline

Mark Trail Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 5:39 PM
OK, so "progressives" have to find offense in every word that comes from the Bible, and think Bible-believers aren't allowed to be offended by f-bombs? Got it.
Propagandist and reactionary to the nth-degree. That's why all the Lib-Progs love that man. He just compared Boko Haram to Tea Partiers for Hillary's benefit. Well played, sir....well played. Doesn't help those Christian girls any, but well played indeed.
Record-keeping in the health industry in the US of A is corrupted by the death industry in the US of A and the lawmaking industry on the US of A. Womb-to-Tomb Control. Mind Kontrol Ultra. http://clinicquotes.com/clarke-d-forsythe-describes-at.../
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