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Sorry Bill. You left a pointless argument. I hear you say, "Chuck Norris says GMO is bad, but he is wrong." I totally missed any solid support for this assertion in this piece. It mostly reads like vague Monsanto marketing and deflection.
With due respect... It is by faith that we are saved, not that of works, it is the gift of the Holy Spirit. They have no need to ask. It is a gift - freely given. To say they "only need to ask" implies they must DO something to receive faith. This is false teaching. Pray the Holy Spirit fills Mr. Hawking, et. al. with faith. Nothing more - nothing less.
I think your use of "Deranged" in the first sentence is a problem. You are minimizing the hate in the man, and opening up a "Not guilty by reason of insanity" plea.......
I agree, adding that Jones totally bullied Morgan. This from a guy who agrees with Jones' constitutional stands, but thinks Jones himself is a loon. Please Jones, go away.
No - stupidity control should come first.
Yeah? Well Micheal Moore is FAT FAT FATTY FAT boy.
So let me get this straight - you libs want a ban on all fire arms, except for you to shoot NRA members?
Carney is a frickin' clown!!!! Of course Obama supports the violence. He will get the union jack booted thugs to do his dirty work across this country because he knows if he tries to get law enforcement or the military to try to jam his socialist policies down our throats, there will be a violent military coup to overthrow his administration.
I am not a cartoonist but I think a political cartoon of Obama telling MLK "He didn't build that" might be apropos right now.
We need to keep in mind, there is a huge difference between a black person and a ni**er... Think about what ni**er actually means, and how, if I were a respectable member of the black community how offended I would be if another black man referred to me in that manner. My personal definition of ni**er has nothing to do with skin color, btw.
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