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Science Project Lands Star Student in Jail

MarkJ Wrote: May 02, 2013 12:28 PM
She was generating hydrogen gas. I used to do this all the time when I was in high school and college. The cleaner (lye) reacts with the water to produce a great deal of heat, which strips the oxygen from the water and binds it to the aluminum foil. The hydrogen gas bubbles of. We used to do the reaction in glass pop bottles and put a balloon over the lip. After the balloon filled up sufficiently we'd tie it off, tie some toilet paper on the end, light the paper, and send the balloon out the window. For a bigger bang, we'd blow a little bit of air in first then fill the balloon with the hydrogen. Good times.
I was nine years old when Churchill died. I remember watching his funeral on TV and asking my mom who he was. "A great man" was all she needed to say.
Several years ago a friend, who had served in the US Army as a Korean language specialist, gave me a couple of North Korean propaganda rags, printed in English. The best comedy writers in the world could not write funnier stuff. Virtually every page had two or more references to the Beloved or Benevolent or whatever adjective you want Kim Il Sung, plus slams on the oppressed South Koreans, lackeys of the Imperialistic Americans. Each magazine had a "review" of a North Korean movie--the one about Tae Jin and his efforts to increase production at the rolling steel mill, despite the efforts of the plant manager who was secretly a lackey of the imperialistic Americans, was absolutely hilarious. I would love to see that move.
I wasn't aware that Miami, Florida is in Cuba. When did that happen?
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