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Good Lord! You can't identify obvious sarcasm?
I would welcome atheists coming to protest in front of my church. It would provide me an opportunity to exercise my free speech rights by witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.
Spot on, oldtexgal. Pride goeth before the fall. Unrepentant arrogance eventually leads to a fall. I pray the country does not fall with this man.
Finally Dante, like you, many many people throughout history have prognosticated the demise of Yahweh and His ordained order for things. So far, all such prognostications have failed to materialize.
Furthermore, proponents of homosexual marriage are not only not interested in the results of social studies that indicate children fare better over all when raised in a stable husband/wife home compared to children not so raised, but gay marriage proponents make every effort to ignore and or discredit such studies.
Another fallacy you espouse, Dante is your premise that no harm has been demonstrated to have been done to society by homosexual marriages. Therefore, you imagine this entitles you to win your argument by default since you believe your opponents can't make a strong enough case against your claim. All the while you, of course, do not feel the need to present evidence showing that homosexual marriage will benefit society of, at the very least do no harm to society.
Truly stated, Michael. Dante, your argument is fallacious. Your premise that the black/white heterosexual marriage issue is equivalent to the homosexual marriage issue is a spurious similarity. Some people argued that blacks were subhuman genetically inferior to whites. However, DNA says otherwise. In fact, the Bible says otherwise as much as some have tried to use and do use the Bible to keep blacks suppressed. No one except truly ignorant people are arguing that homosexuals are subhuman. Blacks marrying whites doesn't redefine the basic man/woman definition of marriage.
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Salon Writer: We Need a Gay Spider-Man

Mark in CA Wrote: May 01, 2014 5:57 PM
Disney nailed it with the cast, crew and writer(s) of the first 2 Spiderman movies featuring Tobey Maguire. The Spiderman reboot/redaction is second rate. Unfortunately the first 2 movies advanced the MJ/Parker relationship at a lightning pace and there wasn't much room to go from the pinnacle they took it. Bu I disliked the reinvention of Spiderman's origins. Andrew Garfield is wrong for the role and/or the way the role is written is wrong. Parker comes across as an obnoxius, wiseguy punk which is exactly opposite what Spiderman's alter ego should be. And Sally Fields is completely wrong for the role of Aunt May. If I see this movie it will be on Netflix. As for making Peter Parker a homosexual or a bisexual or a transvestite or trans sexual. . .if you want to completely kill the franchise, go ahead.
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