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Shame on Harry Reid -- and the Post

markinalpine Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 11:15 AM
An unnamed source, speaking on conditions of anonymity, has revealed that the odious Harry Reid has s3xual 1nterc0urse with farm animals.
These remarks are unworthy of the Democrat leader of the US Senate.  In them, Harry Reid uses weasel words to accuse Mitt Romney of being a tax evader -- without claiming any personal knowledge but an alleged tip from an unnamed "Bain investor."

If Mitt Romney were not a public figure, this would come pretty darn close to slander.  And note that Reid himself has declined to release his own tax returns.  Does that mean that he, likewise, has something to hide?

Imagine the media uproar if Mitch McConnell announced that some conveniently-...