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I found this interesting: The Real Face of St. Nicholas
This article reminded me of a scheme I have. I'll just tell any of 0dumbo's Inquisitors who ask "I do have health insurance, but it's undocumented."
Two metrosexuals T-B@66ing each other simultaneously.
He lied, and lied, and lied, and lied, To get his law to pass. He shoved this garbage down our throats, So stick it up his a55!
If you are able, consider getting a dog, preferable a large dog, and for maximum deterrent effect, a Big Black Dog. This has worked for me when I've seen young men step off the sidewalk into the street to give us room, even though I have a concealed handgun license and do carry.
We always considered our waterboy a team member, along with the trainer.
Just bring them all to the good ol' US of A, so 0bama can make sure they get "free" Birth Control and Abortions.
Although I don't generally care for ambulance chasers, it's time for these two to find a trial lawyer to sue the university for failing to provide secure housing.
A reliable source related to me the rumor that McCain-Feingold has two large mirrors set up parallel TO and facing each other, as in an old fashioned barber shop, and counts the infinite reflections of himself telling him to run again.
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The President's Non-Apology Apology

markinalpine Wrote: Nov 08, 2013 3:55 PM
Just another example of 0bama applying the muslim principle of Taqiyya.
As far as 0bama's faux apology goes, it is just another instance of him using Taqiyya.
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