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Hugh Downs and that dried up, nasty skag now on The View (just forgot her name, thank God) did this exact, same act years ago, with the same result.
Boehner, Don't call this Immigration Reform. Call it what it actually is: "The Chamber of Commerce Protection and Affordable Lawn Care Act of 2014," AKA BoehnerCare.
Boehner's latest plan should be called "The Chamber of Commerce Protection and Affordable Lawn Care Act of 2014," AKA BoehnerCare.
Execute them by using Nitrogen Asphyxiation. Nitrogen is a natural component of our atmosphere, about 80%. It is NOT poisonous, but it does not support respiration. If a persons air supply is modified to reduce the Oxygen level, roughly 20% of the atmosphere, after the Oxygen level falls low enough, first the person will faint, and eventually die. A convict subject to execution could be strapped in a chair, or to a gurney, a respirator mask could be secured to the convicts face, and the air supply could be switched from regular atmospheric air to pure Nitrogen. The convict wouln't smell anything because the Nitrogen is inert, and there would be no "drowning" effect, because the drowning sensation occurs when Carbon Dioxide builds up in a persons blood stream, and when pure nitrogen is substituted in a persons air supply, the process of respiration continues to remove Carbon Dioxide from tha persons blood stream. Search for Stuart A Creques article, "Killing With Kindness," as he does a better job of explaining this process. There is also a Wikipedia article titled Nitrogen Asphyxiation.
Does 0bobo agree with the KKK then. Planned Parenthood is responsible for the deaths of more black babies than all the blacks killed by the KKK in its entire history.
Sorry, $59.00
According to healthcarebluebook dot com, a chest x-ray should cost $50!
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Barack Obama in a Word: Mountebank

markinalpine Wrote: Dec 29, 2013 11:24 AM
Although in 0bama's case, semi-prone might also apply, as in "on his knees in a semi-prone positions, eagerly waiting to receive the attentions of his moo-slum masters to his nether region."
I highly recommend this company. Great people.
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Female Support for Obamacare Plummets

markinalpine Wrote: Dec 24, 2013 10:34 AM
Abortions and birth control hell! They're finally finding out what that prostate exam they have to pay for actually involves.
I found this interesting: The Real Face of St. Nicholas
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