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The Tea Party’s Talk Radio Ally

markinalpine Wrote: Aug 02, 2014 10:10 AM
For what my opinion is worth, this may backfire on the RINOs. If conservatives stay home, or just don't vote for Cochran if they do go to the polls, the Democrat might win. Don't believe me? Just ask President Romney.
I'm sure all the Central American parents are sitting around, drinking Piña Coladas, eating fruit with Greek Yoghurt, watching Good Morning America and listening to Øbama.
As far as I know, the front part of the process where you are expected to reveal all your personal and financial information, healthcare dot gov, is still insecure and open to hacking. The backend of the process where your information, including payment information, doesn't connect with the front end efficiently and securely, so not only doesn't all your information get transferred to the insurers correctly or completely, it is also open to hacking.
Ignore the Presidency of 0bama, the appointment and confirmation of Eric the Red, etc. The possibiliies are endless.
The so-called "Fair Tax" is a National sales tax. It is Unfair, because people living on savings of their money for which they have already paid income tax will be taxed again when they spend. It is unfair because people who have invested their erans and taxed money into Roth IRAs, which are not supposed to be taxed when they withdraw any Capital Gains, are taxed when they spend it. Better a flat tax.
It is actually "The Patient Taxation and Unaffordable Non-Care Travesty of 2010," AKA 0bamaDon'tCare.
Boehner & the legacy GOP let the media beat them up over the DEMOCRAT SHUTDOWN.. The House passed several bills to fund essential services, such as paying the Armed Forces, and even keeeping the National Park Service open, but Harry Reid bottled them up in the Senate, and 0bama lied againd and again about the "Republican Shutdown," aided and abetted by the compliant Media. Until the incompetent GOP learns to deal with this, they are stuck with it.
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The Pause That Refreshes

markinalpine Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 11:50 AM
Getting back to the "Crying Indian" commercial, refer to the Internet Movie Database, [http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0002014/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm] for the story of Iron Eyes Cody, who played the part. "Iron Eyes Cody was born Espera DeCorti, the son of two first-generation immigrants from Italy. In 1924 he moved to California, changed his name - already shortened from "DeCorti" to "Corti" - to Cody, and started working as an actor, presenting himself as a Native American. He married an Indian woman, Bertha Parker, and together they adopted two Indian sons. Iron Eyes Cody lived and worked as an Indian for all his adult life; he labored for decades to promote Native American causes, and was honored by Hollywood's Native American community in 1995 for his efforts." ...
Hugh Downs and that dried up, nasty skag now on The View (just forgot her name, thank God) did this exact, same act years ago, with the same result.
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