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I can't believe someone is not taking advantage of this situation by showing the lists of thousands if not tens of thousands of redundant offices in the federal government that should be at the least furloughed and at the most done away with at this time! I worked for 2 and a half years as a temp worker for the FAA in Alaska where we worked in remote sites throughout Alaska. We would have to go to dispersing to get our per Diem checks for paying for whatever food and lodging was available in the villages we worked around. I would pass by offices with titles on the doors that read, "Secretary to the Secretary of the Secretary of , , , " ! Imagine throughout the COUNTRY how much waste is going on in government offices that no one has an official count of!
This news adds to the ongoing disaster in the White House so much I have to fight from blowing a gasket. Why do I think there is a request for more funding letter sitting in someone's word processing software just waiting for a new "To" heading? The ever-growing inverted pyramid structure of our government is too many bureaucrats in charge of fewer and fewer tax payer's hard-earned dollars.
Come Katie, give the guy a break. This Secretary job is only his day job.
I know this is going to sound like some far, left/right field idea but; what if there were NO energy costs? Our world economy could shrink to where we could live on hundreds (?) of dollars a year instead of tens or hundreds of thousands a year, (all things being relative). The energy problem could be fixed right now but would topple this existing economy, which would in turn and in time be a good thing. Check out all the magnetic motors being created in garages and private factories around the world. The technology exists, is cleaner than clean and is free to operate. As soon as I can, I'm going to start making them for personal use and then spread the word. (I hope this isn't the last time you hear from me.) Check it out for yourself, free energy technology exists!
I was an average student in high school back in the 70's, these folks, minus the tourist, make me look like a genius. I know it would be dropping to their level but, maybe the conservative party needs to start addressing these folks on their level. The dumbing down of America isn't a future event anymore, it's in full swing!
So is death. And so is life. And an after-life awaits us all.
Amen! and "Be Still! And know that I am God.:" (sorry can't remember where it is)
Science was created by men to understand what God created. Science is continually finding they are wrong, God has never been wrong. You are quite correct in stating that God and science are of different languages. Mankind, (science), created a language it can understand. But try to put yourself in God's position; His understanding is as far above ours as the heavens are above the earth. You may look at that in miles, but look at it in proportion. How can a Being as advanced, as omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, etc. as God communicate things so far above our understanding, to beings such as ourselves with such limited understanding? How would you communicate something complicated to a 2 year old? You can only give him/her so much information as they just can't grasp some things no matter how intelligent they are. The arguments about "normal" are only made by those who refuse the accepted norm. That also, is nothing new.
There's an entire book written on defining normal. It's called the Holy Bible. It was written for just these types of questions by a loving Father who is also a fair Judge. Would you think a loving father would make rules to live by for his children and then not discipline them for not following his rules? There has to be consequences for inappropriate actions, especially willful. His whole purpose is for all to have everlasting life but only if you follow His rules. Mankind has been trying to rearrange, reword and alter His rules for a long time but His end result has never changed.
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