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Andrew Sullivan on Gay Marriage Decision: "I Think Jesus Is Weeping for Joy"

MarkDeed Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 3:25 PM
The harm to humanity is two-fold: 1. Most importantly it brings humanity into God's wrath. 2.If the homosexual lifestyle were to prevail, the natural order of our species becomes exitinct and only a veiled attempt at "regeneration" of a soul-less race would continue. (should God allow it). How can homosexuals believe that what they're doing somehow is a natural tendency? If it were so why are male and female born with different but complimentary genitalia? I've heard it said that God made homosexuals. This is not true. Homosexuals make homosexuals. No matter how you feel about your sexuality. Love does not equate to sex. I had many same sex friends I loved and never had sexual attraction to them. To have sexual attraction to the same sex is unnatural. Psychologists have only served to confuse the general poplulation on this issue for decades.

You will almost always see the two words "I think..." when someone is claiming to know or follow the teachings of Christ but their worldview and lifestyle run in direct opposition to His. For example: "I am a Christian who loves Jesus but I think today's Supreme Court decision was a good thing."

SULLIVAN: "I think Jesus is weeping for joy. I don’t think Jesus is on the other side of this. Although I don't wanna claim to know anything about that. But I do know that Jesus was always on the side of love,”

Sullivan asserts himself...