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A Prayer for Sandy Hook

MarkDeed Wrote: Dec 17, 2012 1:20 PM
Bless your heart Matt, a timely, thoughful prayer. The only peace I can offer is that the Lord holds those children now. I pray the parents seek Him for their comfort because nothing in THIS world can offer it.

In light of the horrific developments in Newtown, Conn. – developments so sorrowful that no words will do – I felt it only appropriate to pull my regular column for this week. I offer, instead, the only words I can at this inexpressibly mournful time: A simple prayer. ~ Matt Barber

Please come, Lord Jesus.

Come, King Jesus.

Come soon I pray.

Yet, even still come now, Holy Spirit, until such time.

We need You.

As the banked fish gasps for that which, without, she will surely die, so too do we gasp for living water-fused crimson that flows freely from...