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Round III: Romney Passes Commander-in-Chief 'Eye Test'

MARKCAN2 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 5:44 AM
I think Romney's performance was masterful. He wasn't playing to the talk radio crowd, but to the Moderates. His vast knowledge of the facts was so incredible, he actually talked about a future 5 point plan, his rebuttal of the auto bailout made Obama looked incredibly stupid, finally, his final jab about the economic failure of the last four years, and then an immediate cut to Obama's closing statement touting how wonderful the last 4 years has been, made O look naive. Great job President Romney!

President Obama and Governor Romney battled to a draw on foreign policy points tonight, with each candidate scoring on several lines.  As expected, the discussion meandered into domestic policy for a large portion of the evening, and both men came prepared with a flurry of talking points.  Romney needed to strike casual viewers are informed, poised, and plausible as president.  He accomplished that task, without question.  The president often seemed like the aggressor, hammering his challenger in almost every answer he gave.  Romney coolly chided Obama, explaining that attacking him (especially dishonestly) doesn't advance any solutions.  The candidates found themselves...