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Never Count a Clinton Out

MARKCAN2 Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 6:52 AM
Most likely she knows the evidence is too damning against her. She knows their is going to be an investigation that will discover the truth. By taking the responsibility now, she looks good. As oppose to a President who continued and continues to lie to the American public, as is the case of the Vice-President. Finally, her revenge comes tonight with Obama having to answer questions about the incident in front of all the American public. Obama got a 3am phone call, slept through it, listened to the answering machine in the morning, did nothing, and took a plane to Vegas baby!

Oh, my, this is priceless.  From Peru, Hillary Clinton has "taken responsibility" for Benghazi.  No doubt, on its face, the act would seem to be a heroic effort to take the heat off the President and Vice President as the election nears.  But with the Clintons, nothing is ever as it seems.  Keep in mind that:

She did this the night before a real make-or-break debate for the President;

By doing it she made Obama and Biden look small and cowardly for seeking to throw her under the bus, thereby elevating her stature while diminishing theirs;

She did nothing to...