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I guess it is forbidden to say, "He was an unemployed living off the government, Africa American white-hating Muslim thug?"
As a Republican,,I find it ironic that Cal wants more government created laws to stop 2 people who love each other from marrying. Slavery was considered a moral right during the nation's history, but we evolved from that position. Cal, guess what? Men do fall in love with men, and women do fall in love with women. Using your rational, a heterosexual man who marries and consistently cheats on his wife and claims he is a God loving Christian, say like, Bill Clinton, is always morally superior to two people of the same sex who are monogamous with one another. It's time for the Republican Party to evolve.
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Obamacare is Affecting Everyone

MARKCAN2 Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 8:34 AM
Real simple...remove government from the system. Take a look at Lasik surgery and plastic surgery. Prices have decreased as oppose to increased. To support my claim, take a look at college tuition, as government supplies endless funds, prices rise.
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