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Is Anyone Hellbound?

Mark6876 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 12:44 PM
It is funny and sad. Satan decieved Eve by telling her "Ye shall not surely die" and pretend Christians are still telling this same lie all these years later.
Why shouldn't Obama have disdain for Americans. He was off rubbing elbows with rap stars and taping Letterman while his Libyan Ambassador was in a dangerous city with no protection getting tortured and sodomized and then apologized to the attackers for making them mad. No one cared. He is about the implement the largest tax increase/medicare cuts in history. No one cares. He has a Secretary of State with a senior advisor with clear connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, that led these attacks the other day.Imagine a NAZI during WWII in the State Dept. and no one caring or worse yet defending his prescence there. No one cares.
Those that encourage a lifestyle that will see them dead in misery by their mid 40s versus a long, happy life into their 80s hates them.
LOL. You don't know Dr Brown very well then to say that. His radio show is called 'Line of Fire'. I dare anyone to listen and try to find anything other than polite discussion, polite to a fault.
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