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What if the same person talked exactly the same way to someone sitting beside him?? Why would he talk to someone any differently if they were there on person?? Illogical...
That same guy would have talked the same way if the person he was talking to was right beside him. People logically do not talk any differently to someone on a phone than they talk to someone that is there with them.
If they ban voice cell phone calls on planes then it would be logical to also ban talking to someone sitting near you. People that talk on phones don't talk any more loudly than people chatting with each other!! A person that talks loudly on a phone will talk at the same volume when he/she talks to someone on the plane. Someone that talks softly on a phone also talks softly to a person on the plane. There's no difference!! Why do people get so mad when they can't hear both sides of a conversation? We all know that that's the real problem, right? It's all in people's heads.
They should join Gun Owner's of America, not the NRA.....
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5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal

Mark623 Wrote: Jan 21, 2014 2:49 AM
Well, lemme think.....There's a big reason why alcohol should remain legal while pot should not. There is a humongous difference between recreational alcohol usage and pot usage. Here's the big and very relevant reason I always use in my arguments on this issue. Are you ready people?? Well, it seems that some people are like me. They drink alcohol because they like the taste and do not drink to get drunk. But nobody, and I do mean 'nobody' ever smokes pot for the sole reason of liking the flavor/taste of smoking weed!!! They do it exclusively, and I do mean exclusively, to get messed up!! But lots of people consume alcohol for the pure enjoyment of the taste and it's very possible to drink without getting messed up if you drink in moderation. There is no reason to smoke pot on moderation if you are purposefully looking for a mind bending buzz. Also, some drinking of alcohol can be be beneficial to the heart but smoking pot is in no way ever good for you. I wish the more libertarian types would get the bad word outta here. You ain't conservative so bug off....thank you!
I'm a strong Christian that does not really celebrate Christmas because it was not a holy day in the times of the first century church under the apostle Paul and others. The original Christian doctrine was to not observe any special holy days at all ( as under judaism ) but to make to make every day the same. In Galatians chapter four Paul said: [10] Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. [11] I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain. Christmas wasnot even observed unti about the fourth century after Christ. And no, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness, I just read my bible..
We really don't have any free public education - uncheck ( there's always a cost somewhere ). Social Security/Medicare are broken because the monies were robbed for generations and mostly by liberals - uncheck Liberals had nothing to do with 30 year fixed mortgages, that idea came from private banking institutions in a free market - uncheck EPA bans on lead in gasoline had absolutely nothing to do with acid content in rain, that came mostly from high sulfur emissions from coal.- big uncheck Liberals, always proving how stupid and uneducated they are!!! Check!!!
Kerry tried the same kind of thing running against Bush when he posed with a shotgun to look like he was a hunter. Few people fell for it though. I doubt she get but a few extra votes of of the stunt.
And then he talks religion as if the bible is against hunting. Sorry, my bible does not mention hunting as a sin. But it does mention God giving us dominion over animals.
Get outta here!! pfffffft.........................I have not hunted in about 30 years but now I'm going to start going again. Animal predators are also 'killers'!! I supposed you think all coyotes, mountain lions, hawks, so on and so forth are 'evil' too. Modern hunting done within guidelines is beneficial and in many cases prevents overpopulation and therefore starvation. This is true in the case of white-tailed deer that no longer have large predators, especially in eastern states. Animal worshipers can go drop dead.
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